Improve Structure

Whether you’re a seasoned author looking to tighten the structure of a novel or a student striving for a well-organized essay, the Improve Structure feature will be your invaluable companion. It saves you time and effort by automatically generating enhanced content, granting you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your writing.

How To Improve Structure Using Selection Tools ?

The Improve Structure feature is an advanced AI-powered report that revolutionizes the way you enhance your story content. Whether you are writing a novel, an essay, or any other form of written work, this feature will be your invaluable companion throughout the writing process. With its ability to automatically generate and paraphrase content, it takes the burden off your shoulders, saving you time and effort.

One of the key benefits of the Improve Structure feature is its ability to tighten the structure of your writing. It helps seasoned authors by providing a fresh perspective on their work, offering new insights that can elevate the overall composition. For students, it ensures that their essays are well-organized and coherent, capturing the attention of readers and making a lasting impression.

With this feature, you will no longer have to struggle with finding the right words or phrases to convey your ideas effectively. The AI-powered algorithms analyze your selected story content and paraphrase it, offering alternative options that maintain the original context while enhancing clarity and readability. The improved content adds depth and nuance to your writing, making it more engaging and impactful.

The Improve Structure feature not only simplifies the writing process but also grants you the freedom to focus on other essential aspects of your work. Instead of spending hours poring over each sentence, you can allocate your time and energy to plot development, character building, or refining your arguments. This feature acts as your reliable partner, allowing you to streamline your workflow and achieve your writing goals efficiently.


Begin by opening the book for which you want to create a report.
Adjust the settings for the number of variations, tokens, creativity index (ranging from 0 to 2, with 2 being the highest), and tonality according to your preference.
Use the mouse or keyboard controls to select the desired input content, then click on “Paraphrasing” under more tools option.
1) Selection Tooltip Option
2) Topbar Option
Provide a prompt if you have any additional requirements.
Proceed by clicking on “Generate Content.”
Keep an eye on the right sidebar where the results will start appearing.
To incorporate the generated content into the editor, click on “Insert Text on the Card.”
Note:  When the content is inserted, you will notice two different sets of highlighted text, each assigned a different color. This distinction is made between AI-generated content and the content you have personally written.