AI Rewrite

Experience AI Rewrite, the revolutionary content rewriting tool that lets you fine-tune your storybook content with ease! Just select the content you want to fine tune and AI Rewrite will use it as input to rephrase your story and remove any grammatical errors. Get perfect, error-free content today!

How To Rewrite Using Selection Tools?

AI Rewrite will help put the pizazz in your storybook content! With just the click of a button, you can experience AI Rewrite’s powerful tool for selecting, rewriting, and perfecting your storybook content. Choose from three easy rewriting options: –

Rewrite descriptive – AI Rewrite meticulously rewrites selected content to make sure your stories sound exciting and vibrant. 

Show, don’t tell – Express yourself through action rather than words! AI Rewrite helps make sure your storybook content is flavorful and captivating. 

Adding intensity – Make the most out of your storybook content and keep your readers on the edge of their seats! AI Rewrite helps you take your content up another notch with intensity.

Plus, all you have to do is just select the input content and AI Rewrite will handle the rest. No more typos or harsh-sounding sentences – AI Rewrite guarantees perfect results every time! Get the perfect storybook content just the way you want it thanks to AI Rewrite!


Begin by opening the book for which you want to create a report.


Adjust the settings for the number of variations, tokens, creativity index (ranging from 0 to 2, with 2 being the highest), and tonality according to your preference.


Use the mouse or keyboard controls to select the desired input content, then click on “Paraphrasing.”

1) Selection Tooltip Option

2) Topbar Option


Choose an option and provide a prompt if you have any additional requirements.


Proceed by clicking on “Generate Content.”


Keep an eye on the right sidebar where the results will start appearing.


To incorporate the generated content into the editor, click on “Insert Text on the Card.”

Note:  When the content is inserted, you will notice two different sets of highlighted text, each assigned a different color. This distinction is made between AI-generated content and the content you have personally written.