AI Edit

Once the content has been selected for the AI Edit feature, users can expect a re-edit report that provides an in-depth analysis of the text. The AI Edit feature offers four distinct editing options to cater to different editing needs.

How To Re Edit Using Selection Tools ?

AI Edit feature offers a comprehensive and intelligent solution to improve the quality of written content. By utilizing AI algorithms, it provides valuable insights and recommendations for structural, copy, developmental, and line editing. By harnessing the power of AI, writers can optimize their work, refining it to its full potential and captivating readers with a flawlessly crafted story.

Firstly, the Structural Edit option focuses on enhancing the overall structure and organization of the content. By employing AI algorithms, this feature ensures that the sequence of ideas flows logically, paragraphs are effectively structured, and the overall coherence is improved. It helps writers refine the framework of their work, making it more streamlined and coherent.

Secondly, the Copy Edit option dives into the nitty-gritty details of the text. It diligently examines grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors, ensuring the content abides by established linguistic conventions. This feature perfects the technical aspects, guaranteeing that the writing is error-free and polished, thus enhancing the overall readability of the work.

Thirdly, the Developmental Edit feature comes into play. This option aids in evaluating and enhancing the content’s engagement quotient. It suggests improvements for plot development, character arcs, and overall storytelling elements. By analyzing the content at a deeper level, the tool provides constructive feedback on how to heighten emotional impact, increase narrative tension, and captivate the reader. It serves as a valuable resource for authors seeking to strengthen the core elements of their story and create a more compelling reading experience.

Lastly, the Line Edit feature focuses on the sentence-level improvements of the selected content. It suggests revisions to sentence structure, word choice, paragraph breaks, and sentence flow, ensuring a smoother and more refined reading experience. By refining the individual sentences and their flow, this feature helps writers convey their ideas more effectively and engage readers on a deeper level.


Begin by opening the book for which you want to create a report.


Adjust the settings for the number of variations, tokens, creativity index (ranging from 0 to 2, with 2 being the highest), and tonality according to your preference.


Use the mouse or keyboard controls to select the desired input content, then click on “Paraphrasing.”

1) Selection Tooltip Option

2) Topbar Option


Choose an option and provide a prompt if you have any additional requirements.


Proceed by clicking on “Generate Content.”


Keep an eye on the right sidebar where the results will start appearing.


To incorporate the generated content into the editor, click on “Insert Text on the Card.”

Note:  When the content is inserted, you will notice two different sets of highlighted text, each assigned a different color. This distinction is made between AI-generated content and the content you have personally written.