Complete Story

Complete your story like a pro with AI! Get complete story tool – an AI powered tool that provides you with the perfect ending to your story. Access the tool within your story book and select the story content to get an AI generated ending that will leave your readers awestruck!

How To Complete Story Using Selection Tools ?

The world of storytelling has just become easier and more exciting with the emergence of our new AI powered tool, Complete Story Tool. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can access this game-changing tool and get a unique story ending that is crafted by Artificial Intelligence.

As a writer or a reader of story, you can now select the parts of your story that you would like to have AI craft – and the AI’s creative algorithm will take control to deliver an original and fresh ending to your story. You can also use the tool to simply complete the story without prior selection and the AI will take it from there.

Top-notch AI technology is used to generate creative endings that are unique and different each time. AI uses its analytics prowess to observe the content and context of existing story words and then uses its intelligence to build on these words and give you adjoined words, that together create a complete story.

This latest tool utilizes AI in a sophisticated way, resulting in an ending that is stylistic and meets the anticipation of a happy ending – like a perfect fairy-tale – only crafted even better by AI. Whether giving your existing story an uplifting end or starting with nothing and letting the AI work its magic – Complete Story Tool let’s storytellers show off their creativity in ways that were impossible before.

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Begin by opening the book for which you want to create a report.


Adjust the settings for the number of variations, tokens, creativity index (ranging from 0 to 2, with 2 being the highest), and tonality according to your preference.


Use the mouse or keyboard controls to select the desired input content, then click on “Paraphrasing” under more tools option.

1) Selection Tooltip Option

2) Topbar Option


Provide a prompt if you have any additional requirements.


Proceed by clicking on “Generate Content.”


Keep an eye on the right sidebar where the results will start appearing.


To incorporate the generated content into the editor, click on “Insert Text on the Card.”

Note:  When the content is inserted, you will notice two different sets of highlighted text, each assigned a different color. This distinction is made between AI-generated content and the content you have personally written.