Sentence Variation Report

“One of the most crucial components of writing, it is frequently claimed, is using different sentence lengths. This is due to the fact that using different sentence lengths can help define the tone of your writing and stress particular themes.

Reports on sentence length variance give authors insight on how long sentences should be in their manuscripts.

Try to balance the length of your sentences in order to make your work more readable and fascinating for readers. Aim to keep your average sentence quality between 11 and 18. If an author’s average score is less than 11, they can use paraphrasing on long sentences that are more than 10 words in length to make them more interesting and creative, and if their average score is higher than 18, they can use the short paraphrasing functionality on long sentences to make them more concise and meaningful. Also, our analysis includes a Sentence Variation score that reflects how much the sentence length varies across the text. To make your material simple to grasp and accessible for the audience, your sentence variety score should be more than 3.”


Refer to the screenshot below to locate the “REPORTS” button on the bottom left of the screen and click on it.


Please find “Sentence Variation” in the second row of the screen.


Once the user clicks on “Sentence Variation”, will start running report automatically and once it finishes loading it will show results on the right side of the screen.