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Sticky Sentences 

Every sentence contains two kinds of words: working words and glue words.

Working Words

These are the words that are the most important in your sentence. The verbs tell you what the character is doing, the nouns tell you who or what is being described, and the adjectives and adverbs add flavor and detail to the story.

Glue Words

These are the words which are holding your sentence together. They can be strong and sturdy, or they can be weak and easily broken. Glue words are important because they help hold your sentence together. A little glue goes a long way.
Lot of books have a low percentage of glue words compared to working words. That’s because experienced writers edit their work to have as few glue words as possible. As a writer you should aim for less than 40% glue words per sentence. If your sentence contains more than 40%, we recommend you to rewrite it to increase clarity.