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Conjunction Openers Report

Conjunction Openers ReportThe term conjunction links or connects clauses, words, and phrases in a sentence. Words in a sentence are coordinated using conjunctions. Conjunctions like “but,” “although,” and “while” are frequently used. There are three different kinds of conjunctions: correlative, subordinating, and coordinating.

There are three types of conjunctions:

Conjunctions that unite comparable words, phrases, or other elements are known as coordinating conjunctions.
Subordinating conjunctions, which only come in pairs, also connect related words, phrases, or parts.
Adverbs that are employed as conjunctions are called correlative conjunctions.

Let’s now examine the many conjunctions that we frequently employ in spoken and written language.

For – It is used to indicate a cause or goal. I purchased a new bag for my next vacation, for instance.

And – It connects or adds one thing to another. I enjoy both apples and bananas, for instance.

Nor – This word is used to add a negative thought to an already expressed negative idea. Example: Neither the white dress nor the yellow one looks good on me.

But – It serves to highlight the differences between two things or viewpoints. I wanted to go hiking today, but I have to go to work.

Or – it might be utilized to offer an alternative to an existing, admirable notion. Which would you prefer, tea or coffee?

Yet – It is used to introduce a new notion that builds on an earlier one and frequently contrasts it. Example: I practice daily yet I couldn’t put up a good show yesterday.

So – it is a conjunction that is used to denote the impact or outcome of an event. Example: Both parents worked hard so that their children could study in good schools.

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