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Complex Words Report

The words which have 3 or more than 3 vowels are considered as complex or difficult words.

Writers generally use complex words to make the manuscripts sound more intelligent or advanced, but use of the difficult words excessively makes reading challenging. Use of excessive complex words can result in a high readability score which means readers who are college graduates or professionals can only be able to understand the content.

So, use of the complex words can make you sound smart but to make the manuscript readable for all the readers the use of difficult words should be reduced.

We are also providing use of complex words paragraph wise which can be accessed with the use of next previous buttons. If the paragraph is marked with the THUMB_DOWN button with the red color then the use of complex words is more than 5 or excessive in the content. Writers can reduce complex words from such paragraphs to improve their manuscript’s readability score.

You can also refer to the Text Readability report which shows Text Standard and Text Scores and also provide dale-chall words which are also considered as complex words.

A complex word report is one that has multiple interwoven components and is sometimes difficult to comprehend. A complex word report will detail the challenging terminology used in the text or book.

Complicated terms include Quinoa, Onomatopoeia, Anemone, Worcestershire, and more difficult words.

With the aid of reports, users will be able to recognise and highlight complicated terms. This report will also indicate how many times a certain complex word has been used and tallied.