Complex Words Report

“Complex or challenging words are those that have three or more vowels. High readability scores might be caused by too complicated word usage, which limits the audience of readers to professionals or college graduates.
A word report is considered complex if it includes several interconnected parts and can be challenging to understand.

With the help of the next and previous buttons, you can access our use of complex words per paragraph. If the THUMB DOWN button is highlighted in red, it means that there are too many complex terms or that there are too many of them overall in the paragraph. Such paragraphs can be simplified to increase the readability of the author’s work.

Moreover, the Text Readability report, which provides dale-chall terms that are also regarded as complicated words together with Text Standard and Text Scores, is another option. The difficult jargon employed in the text or book will be explained in a complex word report.
Users can identify and highlight difficult terms with the help of reports. Also, this report will list the total number of times a specific complicated word has been used.”


Refer to the screenshot below to locate the “REPORTS” button on the bottom left of the screen and click on it.


Please find “Complex” in the second row of the screen.


Once the user clicks on “Complex”, will start running report automatically and once it finishes loading it will show results on the right side of the screen.