Plagiarism and Citation Report

Citations are a way to acknowledge other people’s contributions and prevent plagiarism. Additionally, they are how you participate in the scholarly or professional dialogue on a certain subject.

There are numerous citation formats available. American Psychological Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA) are two of the most popular academic citation formats.

When used within the text of your article, in-text citations let your readers know from which of the sources specified in your works cited or bibliography you are quoting or taking material. In this manner, it is always obvious which source you are using at any one time, even if you have numerous sources.

The act of representing someone else’s work as your own is known as plagiarism. Formally speaking, plagiarism is the act of using another person’s words, ideas, theories, opinions, software, creative works, or anything else generated by them without citing them as the author.

It is so simple to plagiarize in the cut-and-paste era and not even be aware of it. Plagiarism is dishonest, unfair, and unethical whether it is done intentionally or not. Both purposeful and accidental plagiarism have severe repercussions. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense.

It is important to cite or specify the sources you utilized to prepare your work to avoid plagiarism. Citing sources is how you acknowledge the authors of the works you have utilized and tell your readers whose work you have used. It also gives your visitors a bibliography of pertinent works on the subject, which is a secondary advantage.

Manuscripts’ online writing tools generate links and references indicating the plagiarized content. By clicking on the references and links, users can find out additional information about the topic. The Result section will show the links and references for the content utilized in the document.


Refer to the screenshot below to locate the “REPORTS” button on the bottom left of the screen and click on it.



After selectng text and selecting the Plagiarism citation option from more tools dropdown, the system will generate results on the right side of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.