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Generic descriptors report

It is our responsibility as fiction writers to build a complex, vivid universe for our readers. But if your novel contains dull cliched details, that won’t happen.

Words like: “generic descriptions” are hazy, vague phrases such as nice, good, uncomfortable, pretty, really, very, etc.

Such descriptions, which are sometimes referred to as an abstract language, make it challenging for the reader to imagine the scenario. When the writer intends to demonstrate, abstract words only tell rather than do so.

For instance, a generic description would be something like: 

Raj watched Anita walk across the road, thinking how pretty she looked. 

This can be written in a better way, for example,

Joe watched Anita walk across the road, admiring her long, dark brown hair, her cherry-like red cheeks, and the sparkle in her hazel eyes. 

Swapping generic descriptors with more detailed words enhances the writing. 

Using Manuscripts’ book editing tools, a report called generic descriptors will include all of the generic terms used in the user’s document or book. These are the words that give a statement its meaning: generic terms. A result will appear on the right side of the screen after the report has identified all of the words in the document or book. When a term is clicked on, it will highlight that term across the document or book. It will display generic terms that are used.