Top 13 Software for Writing a Book in 2023 (Free and Paid)

Jun 20, 2023Blog

In today’s digital age, writing a book has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. With the advancements in technology, there are numerous software tools available to assist authors in their writing journey. Whether you’re a seasoned author or an aspiring writer, these top 13 software options for writing a book in 2023, both free and paid, can help streamline your writing process, boost productivity, and enhance the overall quality of your work. In this article, we’ll explore the best AI writing tools, AI writing software, AI book editors, and online book editors that can revolutionise how you approach writing. is an innovative AI writing tool designed specifically for authors. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with intuitive features to provide a seamless writing experience. This software offers a range of functionalities, such as manuscript organisation, version control, collaborative writing, and automated formatting. With, writers can focus on their creative process while the tool takes care of the technical aspects. It streamlines the entire writing workflow, allowing authors to concentrate on bringing their ideas to life.


Scrivener is a widely acclaimed ai writing software known for its versatility and extensive features. It offers a comprehensive platform to plan, outline, and write your book efficiently. Scrivener enables you to organise your thoughts, create character profiles, and develop plot outlines. The software also provides tools for research organisation, seamless integration with word processors, and exporting options for various formats. Scrivener’s flexible interface allows authors to customise their writing environment according to their preferences.

Microsoft Word

A timeless classic, Microsoft Word remains one of the most ai writing tools used by authors worldwide. It provides a user-friendly interface, advanced editing features, and extensive formatting options. Microsoft Word is an excellent choice for authors who prefer a traditional word processor while enjoying the benefits of real-time collaboration, cloud storage, and easy document sharing.

Google Docs

Google Docs offers a convenient and collaborative writing environment accessible from any device with internet connectivity. With its real-time editing and commenting features, Google Docs are perfect for co-authoring and receiving feedback from editors or beta readers. The cloud-based nature of Google Docs ensures that your work is securely stored and backed up.


Ulysses is a minimalist ai book editor designed for authors who appreciate a distraction-free environment. It provides a clean interface, markdown support, and a powerful organisational system. Ulysses offers seamless integration with other writing tools and cloud services, allowing you to focus solely on your writing.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a unique ai writing tool that focuses on enhancing the readability and clarity of your writing. It highlights complex sentences, suggests alternative word choices, and identifies potential grammar issues. The Hemingway Editor is particularly useful for authors aiming to improve the overall flow and accessibility of their book.


Grammarly is a popular online book editor that helps authors improve their writing by providing real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation suggestions. It also offers advanced features such as tone detection and vocabulary enhancement, making it a valuable tool for authors striving for polished and error-free manuscripts.


ProWritingAid is a comprehensive ai writing tool that offers an in-depth analysis of your writing style, grammar, and readability. It provides suggestions to enhance sentence structure, eliminate redundancies, and improve overall writing clarity. ProWritingAid’s detailed reports and insightful metrics empower authors to refine their writing skills.


Evernote is a versatile note-taking and online book editor that can be invaluable to authors. It allows you to capture and organise your ideas, research materials, and inspirations in one place. Evernote’s powerful search capabilities enable you to quickly retrieve relevant information, ensuring that no brilliant idea or useful reference slips away.


yWriter is online book editor for authors who prefer a structured approach to their writing process. It helps you break your book down into chapters, scenes, and characters, enabling you to maintain a clear overview of your work. yWriter also provides useful features like word count tracking, progress reports, and comprehensive project statistics.


FocusWriter is a distraction-free ai writing software that creates a calm and immersive writing environment. It eliminates distractions by offering a full-screen mode and customisable themes, allowing you to immerse yourself in your writing without any interruptions.


Scrivinor is an online book editor designed to foster community and collaboration among writers. It provides a secure space to share your work, receive feedback, and connect with fellow authors. Scrivinor encourages interaction and support within its writing community, making it an excellent choice for writers seeking feedback and encouragement during their writing journey.

Reedsy Book Editor

Reedsy Book Editor is an ai book editor that simplifies authors’ writing and formatting processes. It offers a user-friendly interface, intuitive editing features, and convenient exporting options. Reedsy Book Editor provides authors with professional-looking manuscripts without the need for advanced technical skills.


Writing a book requires dedication, creativity, and the right tools to bring your ideas to life. The top 13 software options for writing a book in 2023, both free and paid, cater to the diverse needs of authors, from AI-powered assistants to minimalist writing environments and collaborative platforms. Whether you prefer comprehensive writing suites or streamlined tools focusing on specific aspects of writing, these software options can significantly enhance your productivity and help you create a compelling and well-crafted book.