Third Person Perspective

Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence with our new Third Person Perspective feature! Automatically convert your story content into a third person point of view with our easy to use tool. Get the most out of your story by reading it with a unique perspective and watch your story come to life! Try it now!

How To Generate Third Person Perspective Using Selection Tools ?

Our Third Person Perspective feature adds a unique twist to your content. With the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, you can quickly and accurately convert your story content into a third person point of view. This allows you to open the narrative up to new ideas, keep readers engaged, and enhance the visual of your story. By using AI to review all selected text, you can select and quickly adjust points of view.

With our quick and simple tool, you can make the most of your story in as little time as possible. Whether for creative writing or professional-level copywriting, our Third Person Perspective feature gives you the power to make your storytelling come alive. Whether you are a budding writer or a seasoned pro, our feature will help you bring your work to the highest level.

As your story is written in a third person point of view, readers can experience your story in a new way while still providing a clear point of view. Characters and plotlines come alive as AI-enabled generation allows you to easily revise your story with accuracy and proficiency. Generated text takes a fraction of the time compared to manual editing, ensuring no one detail or character is overlooked.

With our Third Person Perspective feature, you no longer need to worry about your story’s accuracy. Thanks to the AI-enabled operation, all selected text is processed efficiently and errors are automatically corrected. So what are you waiting for? Try out this revolutionary feature now and watch your story come to life!


Begin by opening the book for which you want to create a report.


Adjust the settings for the number of variations, tokens, creativity index (ranging from 0 to 2, with 2 being the highest), and tonality according to your preference.


Use the mouse or keyboard controls to select the desired input content, then click on “Paraphrasing.”

1) Selection Tooltip Option

2) Topbar Option


Choose an option and provide a prompt if you have any additional requirements.


Proceed by clicking on “Generate Content.”


Keep an eye on the right sidebar where the results will start appearing.


To incorporate the generated content into the editor, click on “Insert Text on the Card.”

Note:  When the content is inserted, you will notice two different sets of highlighted text, each assigned a different color. This distinction is made between AI-generated content and the content you have personally written.