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Summary Reports

A summary is a condensed form of a text that highlights its main ideas. It is sometimes referred to as an abstract, precis, or synopsis. The summary is derived from the Latin word ‘sum.’ Summarizing a piece of writing in your own words is one technique to identify its main structure. Summarizing is similar to outlining a script’s storyline.

Giving an accurate, impartial portrayal of what the work says is the main goal of a summary. You should generally refrain from adding your thoughts or interpretations.

Summarizing reduces the key ideas in a passage to your own words. Reread the passage while making a list of keywords. Be objective and state the major argument in your own words. Keep your reactions separate from the overview. Verify your summary against the original, making sure to enclose any precise phrases you borrow in quotation marks.

You can follow a few general steps discussed below:

  • Find the text’s major points by reading it.
  • Reread everything thoroughly and create a detailed plan.
  • Write out the text’s thesis or major argument.
  • Determine the main divisions or sections of the text. One of the stages required to produce the entire primary point is developed by each division.
  • Try to summarize each section in one or two phrases.
  • Consolidate your summaries of the many portions into a logical whole, writing a concise summary of the main points of the text in your own words.

The characteristics of a Summary can be listed as follows:

  • Cite the text’s author and title.
  • Indicate the text’s important points.
  • Cite specific words, phrases, or sentences directly.
  • Include author tags
  • It’s best to refrain from describing specific examples or statistics unless they support the text’s thesis or major point.
  • Report the important points with as much objectivity as you can.

Thus, the summary report examines the document in great detail. The summary report contains a lot of information, such as readability score, readability index, average sentence length, syllable count, and many others. This feature of Manuscripts’ will let the user analyze the text on all levels, enabling them to edit the text or book as necessary. It will help users improve the quality of their documents and books.