Showing and telling report

“Manuscript’s The Showing versus Telling Report is a writing analysis tool that evaluates the quality of writing in terms of "showing" versus "telling." In writing, "showing" refers to the use of vivid descriptions and sensory details to create a visual and emotional experience for the reader, while "telling" refers to the use of abstract statements or summarizing information without providing the necessary details. The report analyzes a piece of writing and provides feedback on the extent to which it shows versus tells, based on a scale from 0 to 100. The report also provides suggestions for how the writer can improve their writing by incorporating more "showing" elements into their work.

This tool is particularly useful for writers who want to improve their craft and make their writing more engaging and immersive for their readers. By providing specific feedback on how to incorporate more "showing" into their work, the Showing versus Telling Report can help writers take their writing to the next level.”