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Sentence Starter report

The words or phrases that introduce the rest of the sentence are known as sentence starters, and they are usually separated by commas. Some of the most crucial words in writing are those at the beginning of a sentence: So that the reader is prepared, they explain what the statement is about.

Sentence starters are crucial for keeping a larger piece of academic writing cohesive. These works regularly move from point to point, sometimes suddenly, because each line essentially has its distinct issue. Sentence openers smooth over abrupt transitions and set the reader up for the next topic, which makes the reading process easier for the reader.

Not all sentences require a sentence starter. Overusing them will divert your reader. The following are some scenarios where a sentence starter is most effective:

  • It’s not immediately evident how one sentence relates to the others.
  • You’re introducing a new concept, for instance at the start of an article or paragraph.
  • You’re giving a summary or a conclusion, like at the end of an essay.
  • You wish to emphasize a specific phrase or idea.
  • You want to write a catch to draw readers in.
  • A specific context, such as background knowledge, is required for the sentence.

A sentence opener is a report that reveals the sentence’s initial word.

Manuscripts’ online writing tools scan all the words used as sentence starters in the text or book that will be collected for this report, which will then present the results. The report will highlight the word in the document or book when users choose the term from the result list.