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Cliches Report

A platitude is a remark that is repeated over and over again that is clear-cut, uncomplicated, and uninspiring. Authors and presenters generally avoid platitudes because they don’t want to be accused of being simplistic or oversimplifying complex topics.

Platitudes are ultimate to be avoided, but they regularly appear in casual speech. For instance, “Good things come to those who wait”, This platitude offers little solace to both the worried and the ambitious.

Platitudes are cliched phrases that simplify difficult topics rather than exploring them. It would be much simpler to live if life could be reduced to our many platitudes. The truth is that life can be challenging and complicated at times, and platitudes lack the depth and complexity necessary to be truly helpful or wise. Nevertheless, when they skillfully oversimplify challenging circumstances, clichés can occasionally be useful. Simple proverbs like “Life goes on” or “Keep on keeping on” can be uplifting when dealing with pain.

With the Manuscript’s Platitude report, there will be a list of all the overused phrases found in the document or book. Users will be able to identify cliches and determine the number of each cliche. Here, users can spot each cliché term in the report by clicking on it in the results. The report will also display the number of cliché words or lines.