“You summarise what someone else has written or said in their own words when you paraphrase. By personalising it, you can improve the message’s clarity, relevance to your target audience, and impact.

According to the report, users must first decide which sentence or paragraph they want to paraphrase before continuing. In the report’s result screen, the user will see various options, including ideas for the chosen line or paragraph. The report will paraphrase their suggestions. Paraphrasing can help you confirm that you understand a piece of writing by demonstrating your familiarity with it, particularly with its more complex nuances and connections between its main themes.”

Step 1

Inside your book, highlight the text you want to convert with your mouse, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2

Please select the paraphrase you want to convert the text to from the paraphrase menu. For example, if you want to convert the text to a formal paraphrasing, select the “Formal” by hovering over the paraphrasing menu.
Please refer the screenshot below

Step 3

You will see the results of the conversion on the right side.