Ing Opener Report

“The first words in sentences with the “”ING”” suffix are known as ING openers. It’s an excellent visual help for all types of fictional writing because it offers -ing opener recommendations for tense-building, character-expression, action-advancement, and setting description.

The online book editing tool from Manuscripts will produce a report that searches for words that end in “”ING”” and the initial word of a phrase, gathers those words, and then displays the findings to the user. The report will take care of the rest by highlighting the user’s chosen word throughout the document or book when they select it from the list of results.”


Refer to the screenshot below to locate the “REPORTS” button on the bottom left of the screen and click on it.


Please find “Ing Opener” in the second row of the screen.


Once the user clicks on “Ing Opener”, will start running report automatically and once it finishes loading it will show results on the right side of the screen.