Adverb Usability

“Adverbs are important for setting the tone of voice for any piece of writing. Adverbs are words or phrases that modify or qualify an adjective, verb or other adverb expressing a relation of place, time, manner, cause, etc. Using too many adverbs can make your writing look crowded and make it difficult to read. It is advisable to use an average of 50 adverbs per 1000 words. The Manuscript’s Adverb Usability report will provide a list of adverbs used per 1000 words sequentially and shows relevant, average and excessive usage with the colors green, orange and red respectively, Authors can reduce the usage of adverbs from each block of 1000 words which are highlighted in orange and red color to improve the readability and quality of the manuscripts. Using too many adverbs while writing a manuscript must be avoided at all costs to make it sound better.”